Olympics-Inspired Packages — and Cocktails — at NYC Hotels


At The Pierre, the Two E Bar and Lounge is hosting a Winter Games Cocktail Festival throughout the Olympics, with an assortment of cocktails that are inspired by the five colored rings of the Olympics. Yellow is represented by the Triple Salchow, made with Russian vodka and limonchello, while green figures prominently in the Alpine Skier with Midori, sake, rum, honey and chamomile tea. Plus the bar is offering daily drink specials, where the event-specific cocktail is 50 percent off when the event is being televised (the Alpine Skier cocktail is 50 percent off when Alpine skiing is being televised, and so on.)

New York Hotels Where You can Watch the 2014 Winter Olympics in Comfort and Style

From Overnight New York

The Two-E Olympic rings.Yellow water? Showers without curtains? Guest room bathrooms with side-by-side toilets? Early reports on hotel accommodations in Sochi haven’t been encouraging.

 But New York isn’t a mountain resort constructed from scratch for winter sports’ alternate-leap-year show of shows. Hotels here are places you actually want to visit if you like watching big sports events with a crowd and a rapidly refilled glass.

 Unlike the Super Bowl, where it was hard to find a New York hotel that wasn’t throwing a party or cooking up special drinks, the 2014 Winter Olympics have fired up fewer properties. But these hotels are going for the gold.


Cocktail Culture | A Spot of (Spiked) Tea



Around New York, boozy versions of “a spot of tea” are warming up winter drink menus this season as Manhattan mixologists blend green, black and white tea leaves with a range of spirits and wines.



Is That Beer In A Champagne Saucer?  The Pierre Mixes Up Seven Chic Brew-Based Cocktails

From Overnight NewYork

Non Tartle - PressIn John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, the character Doc becomes obsessed with a fanciful drink he’s never tasted and has, in fact, never seen – the beer milkshake.

“He wondered what a beer milkshake would taste like,” Steinbeck writes. “The idea gagged him a bit, but he couldn’t let it alone. It cropped up every time he had a glass of beer.”

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Molecular Mixology Goes Mainstream With Pierre Hotel’s New Drinks

From Blog.Zagat.Com

molecularmixologyDrinkers may be used to seeing cocktail foams and alcoholic caviar at bars Downtown, but we think molecular mixology has officially gone mainstream now that the Two E Bar in the Pierre Hotel has announced a new slew of drinks. Sachin Hasan, the creator of the new menu, has used new ingredients like liqueur ravioli made with Crème de Cassis and the aforementioned caviar made with Grand Marnier. These techniques give “a totally different dimension to a cocktail, say Hasan. “It adds a showmanship behind the bar.”

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Warming Up at the Pierre Hotel


Wednesday afternoon at one of my favorite hotels in the city.

You already know about The Pierre’s afternoon tea service, but I also like coming here to catch up with friends (Nora! Phyllis!) and have a drink or two…

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Corporate Coffee- Royal Treatment


The place: Two E Bar and Lounge at the Pierre

 The space: Royal tea service may not begin until 3pm, but the requisite treatment starts the moment you step in the door of the Two E Bar and Lounge. Descend the steps into the Alexandra Champalimaud-designed space, complete with carved wood pilasters, crown molding, and an Art Deco copper bar. The large round tables offer plenty of space to set up your laptop, host larger parties, or simply enjoy a solo moment with your tea, raised pinky and all…

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Weekend Drink: Updating the Classics at The Pierre

From Overnight New York: The Blog

pierre-gimletSchool isn’t a word that leaps to mind when we think of The Pierre. But six times a year the drinks team in the hotel’s Two E bar/lounge cooks up a specialty cocktail menu. The night the drinks debut, Two E hosts a free mixology class where patrons can stop by, watch the team led by drinks maestro Sachin Hasan in action, and sample the new cocktails. Forget homework, but you can leave with a recipe or two.

You won’t see signs around the hotel touting the classes. But they’re not a secret, either, if you Like the hotel on Facebook.

We stopped by this week to bone up on the latest course — six classic cocktails refashioned for 21st century tastes.

A row of stylish shot glasses that looked like bud vases dressed the big gold-leaf Two E bar for the occasion. As Hasan explained, the idea was to celebrate key decades at the 82-year-old Pierre, from a 1930 Sazerac updated with Patron Anejo Tequila, Tenneyson Absinthe, Peychauds Bitter and homemade dark brown syrup……

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OJ&B’s City Stops: Afternoon Tea at the Pierre

From Orange Juice and

People always ask me about places that they must see/go to/experience in NYC. They want to know what’s fun and hot for food, entertainment and fashion. Because of this I have decided to start “OJ&B’s City Stops,” showcasing the things and places that are a must do in NYC.

The Two E Bar/Lounge at The Pierre Hotel is the perfect place to start OJ&B’s City Stops! The Pierre Hotel has always offered me a place of luxury without the snotty attitude ever since I moved to the city in 2010. Recently, I took my Mom and my Aunt to Two E in the Pierre Hotel during their first visit to NYC to try Two E’s Afternoon Tea.

I love the Pierre Hotel’s Afternoon Tea because you can take a luxurious break from the city without breaking your bank…

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Style Cartel: Celebrate The Seasons at Two E Bar/Lounge


There’s no better way to celebrate the seasonal changes than with a drink at Two E Bar/Lounge. Located in The Pierre, a Taj Hotel, New York, Two E has the design of a modern tea room, but the ambiance of the hippest hot spot in the city…

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Weekend Drink: Eleanor Roosevelt at The Pierre


Ah, Memorial Day Weekend – the ideal time to kick back with a start-of-summer cocktail, something refreshing and light with a touch of sweetness, like a drink made with . . . scotch?

The Two E Bar at The Pierre, a velvety, windowless lair that is one of our favorite midtown hotel bars, cooks up specialty drinks menus eight times a year. The latest features six cocktails that are named for famous women (the menu debuted on Mothers Day) and promise a preview taste of summer.

The Cleopatra sounds like a garden party — Bacardi, mint & basil sour mix, simple syrup, Campari and Champagne poured into a champagne flute. But leading the list is sterner sounding stuff – the Eleanor Roosevelt blended from Apry Brandy, Figenza Vodka, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup — and Dewars Scotch. Summer in the Western Highlands? Or Hyde Park?

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The Robb Report interviews Two E Bar/Lounge’s Bartender, Paul Johnson

With buzzwords like artisanal and bespoke taking over cocktail menus everywhere, it’s hard to tell which of the many suspender-wearing bartenders is the real deal. Our money’s on Paul Johnson, who works behind the bar at Two E Bar/Lounge at New York’s swank Pierre hotel and gushes historical cocktail facts even as he crafts nuanced drink after drink, tailored to customers’ desires. We sat down with him to talk NYC mixology.

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Taste of The High Life

Blaine Ashley of references Two E Bar/Lounge at The Pierre, New York in her recent article about the High Life of the cocktail scene in New York for the May edition of Tasting Table Magazine.


Top Ten New York Hotel Bars

Besides being located in one of the city’s most luxurious and pricey hotels, the 2E Lounge in The Pierre has one of the best mixologists, hands down. Their seasonal cocktail list is unbelievably creative; they’ll even create one based on your personality!


NY Times: Grand Hotel Courts Hip With a Dance Party

Michael Appleton for The New York Times

April 11, 2010 | New York Times Thus far, Mr. Haque has been able to thread the needle between providing an energetic good time and meeting the rarefied expectations of the Pierre’s traditional clientele, as well as satisfying the co-op board that controls the building and the Taj hotel chain that operates it. Nonetheless, the party has a surprisingly open feel. It imposes no velvet rope, dress code or cover charge. And while the bar offers top-shelf libations — Veuve Clicquot, Johnnie Walkers Black and Blue, Macallan 25 — the budget-minded can easily nurse an $8 beer or one of the $14 specialty cocktails all night long…

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Insatiable Critic: “Pierre Hotel: Room Service”

September 28, 2009 | Insatiable Critic “Meet us in Room TwoE at The Pierre,” my friend Susan had said. “We’ll have small plates.” Like the Road Food Warrior and me, Susan and Bob alternate between delicious excess and small plates. She didn’t say but I was guessing we would be sipping a Strawberry Ridge red from Bob and Susan’s Connecticut winery, on the hotel’s wine list. Taj Hotels has just started to announce the grand opening of their $100 million redo of The Pierre and the world has not yet arrived. Restaurant Caprice, a seed of the hot London canteen, is a month away from opening. The path from Fifth Avenue to the check-in desk is nearly deserted as we search for TwoE…